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What do I need to know before filing a claim?

If you get injured on the job in Kentucky, your employer will likely have workers' compensation insurance that will pay for your medical care and may pay for time you miss from work. However, workers' compensation is not an instant or full protection if you suffer an injury. A lot depends on the situation and circumstances of the situation. explains that understanding the process can help make it easier for you when making workers' compensation claims.

Best practices for mitigating common risks in the workplace

For some workers in Kentucky, their profession and the industry they are a part of present a host of added risks. While many companies go to great lengths to minimize these risks through employee training, required safety protocols and implementation of tools designed to protect workers, there are times when accidents can still happen. 

Dramatic fall to blame for construction worker's death

For many Kentucky construction companies, one of their greatest challenges is keeping their workers safe. Because construction workers are required to work around heavy equipment and machinery, at tall heights and in close proximity to hazards such as power and water, staying safe requires a lot of forethought, training and employee education. While many construction companies prioritize safety training, there are times when accidents happen that could result in serious injuries or death. 

Reducing workplace hazards for health care workers

Anyone who employs or insures health care workers in Kentucky likely recognizes just how dangerous the health care industry as a whole can prove to be, with numerous safety and health hazards endangering America’s health care workers every day. Your first line of defense against potential litigation involves taking strides to protect your workers or covered employees, and at Fowler Bell PLLC, we have a firm understanding of the necessary steps you can take to do this.

Utilizing workers' compensation claims in the most effective way

When a person has been injured on the job and is unable to work until full recovery takes place, he or she can file a workers' compensation claim. If his or her employer agrees to process the claim, the benefits could cover a variety of expenses that would otherwise have to be fully funded by the injured person. Whether or not the injured worker is approved of the filed claim and whether or not he or she is able to collect benefits in Kentucky is heavily reliant on how the process is approached. 

Investigation ongoing after M.T.A. worker falls to his death

While many employers in Kentucky take extensive precautions to protect their workers from danger, there are situations when environmental factors, distraction, equipment malfunctions and even human error can result in the injury or death of a worker. The risk of an employee suffering an injury on the job is heightened significantly depending on the industry he or she works in. 

Man killed after being crushed by falling pipe

For many Kentucky construction workers, going to work each day is a matter of necessity. Their job enables them to make a living, but not without significant exposure to dangerous hazards including falls, electrocution and equipment malfunctions. Despite workers' efforts to follow safety protocols and wear proper protective gear, accidents can still happen and result in debilitating injury or death. 

What is OSHA?

If you work in Kentucky, then the chances are good you have heard about OSHA. This is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. According to OSHA, it was developed and set up under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. The agency is responsible for keeping you safe on the job. Ideally, OSHA works hard so that you never have to make a workers' compensation claim because you will, hopefully, be protected through OSHA regulations that prevent accidents.

Using employee education to prevent scaffolding falls

For construction employees in Kentucky, the inherent risks of the industry can provide considerable incentive to adhere to safety policies to protect one's life. While slips, trips and falls are one of the most common injuries in construction work, scaffolding can be especially dangerous as it is often suspended off of the ground. Workers who experience an injury from falling off of scaffolding are often subject to prolonged disability and discomfort depending on the severity of their fall. In the worst cases, a scaffolding fall could result in death. 

Preventing dangerous machinery accidents in the workplace

If you work with machinery each day as part of your job in Kentucky, chances are you have received some type of training to give you eligibility to operate the equipment safely and in conjunction with company protocols. If you are in a supervisory position over a group who needs machinery to complete their assigned tasks, it is imperative that you encourage safety first to reduce unnecessary accidents. At Fowler Bell, we understand the inherent risks of working around heavy machinery.

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