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What does renters insurance cover?

Having the proper insurance to cover your assets is important. When you own a home, you get homeowners insurance that covers your home and your belongings inside the home. However, when you rent, you do not need coverage on the structure because you do not own it. That is why you would get renters insurance.

What is professional liability insurance?

If you have a business where you offer professional services, then you have special insurance needs. Your Kentucky insurance coverage should include professional liability insurance. You may also see this referred to as errors and omissions or E&O insurance. According to The Hartford, professional liability insurance offers you protection against claims due to mistakes you make in rendering your services.

How arbitration may affect the outcome of an insurance dispute

If an insurance dispute arises, a claimant may immediately threaten to take your company to court to force you into a settlement. Not only can this be costly and time-consuming, it is also likely to lead to bad publicity. At Fowler Bell PLLC, our legal team often counsels insurance carriers on the benefits of an arbitration clause.

Suggestions for understanding insurance policies

For many Kentucky families, having adequate insurance coverage is critical to protecting their financial future and facilitating recovery in the wake of unforeseen disasters. However, more often than not, people do not fully understand the details of their insurance policy. Failure to take the time to become educated on the type of coverage a person has, can create considerable confusion that could end up resulting in costly consequences if an emergency occurs. 

Understanding declaratory judgment and insurance

Perhaps you have heard of declaratory judgment in regards to insurance claims in the past. While a seemingly confusing and complicated topic, your efforts to understand it better may make a considerable difference if you are ever involved in a disputed claim. At Fowler Bell, we have significant experience in working with insurance and are familiar with the unique challenges of the industry in Kentucky.

Mediation may be used to resolve insurance disputes

When people in Kentucky have a dispute with an insurance company, they may feel at a disadvantage and determine that they can only get fair representation by going to court. However, the Kentucky Court of Justice often advises a solution that may be much more effective and efficient: mediation.

What is required for a bad faith claim?

Dealing with an insurance company, regardless of the reason, can often be challenging. Insurance companies in Kentucky are usually focused on finding ways to make money and not pay it out. When it comes to claims, they will investigate thoroughly to ensure they do not pay out when they are required to do so. Even though most companies are honest and will pay you when you are entitled, you may run into a situation of a bad faith claim.

Why Kentucky courts ruled against a third party bad faith claim

When people file a claim with their insurance company in Kentucky, they may assume that the adjustor will review the circumstances, and they will receive the coverage that is their due. A claim denial or a much lower payment may be a shock, but these do not necessarily indicate that someone has been treated unfairly. 

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