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How can I make my divorce an amicable one?

When you think of divorce in the Lexington area, the first thought that comes to mind involves a long, bitter and contentious battle. While some separations end up that way, yours does not have to. There are many factors that can make ending a marriage complicated. Money, emotions, kids, assets and stubbornness are just a few. 

Can you split a retirement plan following a divorce?

If you and your spouse are currently separating and going through the process of divorce in Kentucky, you may be faced with a string of important decisions to make regarding your future. A lot of these decisions must be carefully made to prevent compromising your financial stability. One of the things you may need to split with your ex-spouse is your retirement plan or benefits. While this may sound complicated, if you are proactive and begin the process of splitting benefits relatively quickly, you may be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary drama and stress. 

Should I have a prenuptial agreement?

If you are a Kentucky resident who is in the midst of wedding preparations, the last thing you probably want to think about is the possibility that your marriage may one day end in divorce. As FindLaw points out, however, given the rate of divorce in America, signing a prenuptial agreement now may save you a lot of heartaches and headaches in the future.

Violent child custody encounter leaves woman dead, ex in custody

When a couple seeking a divorce in Kentucky have had children together, they will need to reach a settlement in regards to child custody arrangements. Often, both parties are required to compromise to reach a solution that is in the best interest of their children, but beneficial to each other as well. Unfortunately, there are times when couples are unable to resolve their disagreements amicably which can put the well-being and safety of their children in danger. 

Can you save your business despite divorcing your partner?

Having your spouse as your business partner in Kentucky may seem like the ultimate arrangement until you are faced with the very real possibility of divorce. If you and your spouse have reached the point where maintaining a relationship is causing angst, emotional trauma and costly stress, you may have considered turning to divorce as the best solution to your problems. However, if you are in business with your soon-to-be ex, it is imperative that you understand how to protect your company despite a failing marriage. 

Determining whether your assets are marital property or not

As you and your former spouse begin working through divorce proceedings, it will be necessary for you to separate assets, finances and property as fairly as possible. Often, this portion of a divorce is the most time consuming and contentious. However, if you go into proceedings with an understanding of how marital property is determined, you may feel more confident going into mediation. At Fowler Bell, we are experienced in dealing with the complications that are often present during a divorce in Kentucky. 

Kentucky's shifting child custody laws

It goes without saying that prolonged time without one's child can become excruciating. Yet that is exactly what countless Kentucky parents go through, regardless of how amicable the separation may have been. Child visitation rights can change from state to state, but a shift in Kentucky's visitation laws could make the process much simpler for parents and their children.

Creating a positive and beneficial co-parenting experience

Every year, many Kentucky couples who are embroiled in volatile relationships, turn to divorce as a way to correct marriage drama by going their separate ways. Unfortunately, in a majority of cases, these couples have had children together who are left grappling for normalcy in a world that has been turned around. In fact, according to, nearly one million children experience the effects of divorce every year in the United States. While there are many approaches to arranging child custody and parental visitation, co-parenting is one solution that holds promise if executed the right way. 

How you can make shared custody enjoyable

As you may be able to attest, navigating your way through a divorce is rarely a pretty picture. Often, while a seemingly beneficial solution to marital woes, divorce requires a fair share of compromise, flexibility and sacrifice. If you and your ex have children together, divorce may be even more complicated, but it does not mean that sharing custody has to be dreadful. At Fowler Bell, we are experienced in helping families work through divorce even when the situation is less-than-ideal.

Determining what "best interest" means for a child

For many separating Kentucky couples, the progression of divorce rarely follows a perfectly smooth and anticlimactic course. In fact, separation is often riddled with bitter disputes regarding everything from child custody to financial assets. For couples who have had children together, the process can be especially complicated. However, they must remember that the best interest of their children should be their utmost priority. 

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