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Ways to help your kids prepare for divorce

Like most couples in Kentucky who get married, you and your spouse likely assumed your wedding day would be the first day of a lifetime spent together. There's really no way to predict which marriages will last and which will end in divorce. As a parent, if you face with the latter situation, you'll no doubt want to do everything you can to minimize the negative impact divorce issues may have on your kids.  

The good news is that you can be proactive as part of their support network. In fact, you, more than anyone, know what's best for your kids and can provide the tools they need to navigate this major life-change.  

What not to do  

You may want to avoid several things when your goal is to help your children come to terms with divorce in as healthy a manner as possible. Here are a few things that actually make matters worse for children trying to cope with divorce: 

  • Putting down your kids' other parent: Your kids love their other parent. Therefore, even though things didn't work out between you as spouses, you don't want to cause emotional conflicts for your kids by bad-mouthing your former spouse. Sadly, many parents use their children like pawns in a chess game, trying to gain the upper hand in custody proceedings or simply as a means of retaliation to compensate for hurt feelings in a marriage that ended in court. It's never a good idea and can have lasting negative effects on your kids. 
  • Setting the wrong expectations: It's also counterproductive to tell your children you gave your marriage your best shot for their sake. Given the fact that you're divorcing, children may mistakenly interpret such comments as blame. It's critical that your kids understand your divorce is not their fault. 
  • Making promises you can't keep: While it's sometimes tempting to say whatever's necessary to keep your kids from crying or feeling down about your divorce, only make promises you are confident you can keep. If you tell your kids that their lives aren't going to change, they may question other things you say when reality unfolds and your words prove false.  

Divorce is an emotional process for all involved. In fact, one of the only guarantees there is with the process is that life will definitely change. So long as your children know you love them and are there to support them, they will likely come out on top.  

Positive steps to take 

By paying close attention to each child's needs as well as your own, your family can make this transition to a new lifestyle without serious complications. The tips included here may help: 

  • Remember that no two children will react exactly the same. Try to meet each child on his or her own level. 
  • Maintaining as much of a sense of normalcy as possible goes a long way to helping children adapt to divorce. It's a good idea to keep up daily routines and family traditions. 
  • As a co-parent, your willingness to cooperate and act amicably toward your ex shows your children you have their best interests in mind.  

Tapping into resources in your community may also be helpful as you and your kids test the waters of a post-divorce together. If custody or other family-related issues arise and you're having trouble resolving a particular disagreement, you can seek legal support as well. 

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