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Helping your children remain objective during your divorce

When you and your spouse decide to pursue a divorce, one of the biggest challenges you may face is the uncertainty of your relationships with your children. Often, you will need to negotiate and make critical decisions regarding child custody, child support and relocation. At Fowler Bell, we have been able to help many people in Kentucky to create parenting agreements that are designed to protect the best interests of their children and still provide satisfaction to both parenting parties. 

Ways to help your kids prepare for divorce

Like most couples in Kentucky who get married, you and your spouse likely assumed your wedding day would be the first day of a lifetime spent together. There's really no way to predict which marriages will last and which will end in divorce. As a parent, if you face with the latter situation, you'll no doubt want to do everything you can to minimize the negative impact divorce issues may have on your kids.  

Reducing workplace hazards for health care workers

Anyone who employs or insures health care workers in Kentucky likely recognizes just how dangerous the health care industry as a whole can prove to be, with numerous safety and health hazards endangering America’s health care workers every day. Your first line of defense against potential litigation involves taking strides to protect your workers or covered employees, and at Fowler Bell PLLC, we have a firm understanding of the necessary steps you can take to do this.

Utilizing workers' compensation claims in the most effective way

When a person has been injured on the job and is unable to work until full recovery takes place, he or she can file a workers' compensation claim. If his or her employer agrees to process the claim, the benefits could cover a variety of expenses that would otherwise have to be fully funded by the injured person. Whether or not the injured worker is approved of the filed claim and whether or not he or she is able to collect benefits in Kentucky is heavily reliant on how the process is approached. 

How you can make joint custody a positive experience for everyone

While you may have had zero regrets about your decision to separate from your former spouse, chances are you have felt unsettled about the effects it may have on your children. If you and your ex have decided to share custody of your children and continue parenting together despite differences, you may have already begun to negotiate an agreement. At Fowler Bell, we have helped many parents in Kentucky to articulate child custody arrangements that work for everyone involved. 

What are some unrealistic expectations about divorce?

If you were recently served with divorce papers in Lexington, you might not realize how much is at stake or how to proceed. You might have certain expectations about the way your divorce should play out. However, the wrong ones could cause you to make mistakes and overlook your best interests. 

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