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Investigation ongoing after M.T.A. worker falls to his death

While many employers in Kentucky take extensive precautions to protect their workers from danger, there are situations when environmental factors, distraction, equipment malfunctions and even human error can result in the injury or death of a worker. The risk of an employee suffering an injury on the job is heightened significantly depending on the industry he or she works in. 

Working your way through asset division

If you and your spouse have no children or concur about any custody and visitation arrangements, the next big item on your divorce checklist is property division. The goal of Kentucky family court is to ensure both you and your spouse leave the marriage with an equitable portion of the assets you accumulated during your marriage.

Man killed after being crushed by falling pipe

For many Kentucky construction workers, going to work each day is a matter of necessity. Their job enables them to make a living, but not without significant exposure to dangerous hazards including falls, electrocution and equipment malfunctions. Despite workers' efforts to follow safety protocols and wear proper protective gear, accidents can still happen and result in debilitating injury or death. 

What is OSHA?

If you work in Kentucky, then the chances are good you have heard about OSHA. This is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. According to OSHA, it was developed and set up under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. The agency is responsible for keeping you safe on the job. Ideally, OSHA works hard so that you never have to make a workers' compensation claim because you will, hopefully, be protected through OSHA regulations that prevent accidents.

How can I make my divorce an amicable one?

When you think of divorce in the Lexington area, the first thought that comes to mind involves a long, bitter and contentious battle. While some separations end up that way, yours does not have to. There are many factors that can make ending a marriage complicated. Money, emotions, kids, assets and stubbornness are just a few. 

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