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Preventing dangerous machinery accidents in the workplace

If you work with machinery each day as part of your job in Kentucky, chances are you have received some type of training to give you eligibility to operate the equipment safely and in conjunction with company protocols. If you are in a supervisory position over a group who needs machinery to complete their assigned tasks, it is imperative that you encourage safety first to reduce unnecessary accidents. At Fowler Bell, we understand the inherent risks of working around heavy machinery.

According to EHS Today, there are several critical actions you should take as you actively encourage your workers to prioritize their safety and the well-being of those around them. Some of the things you should do include the following:

  • Practice patience: As someone in a position of leadership, make sure that your workers have enough time to complete their tasks without having to rush or cut corners to meet deadlines. Additionally, encourage your workers to slow down and be thorough in properly completing assigned tasks. 
  • Be aware: Talk with your workers about staying vigilant on the job and staying aware of their immediate surroundings. 
  • Provide education: If you take the time to properly train and educate your workers on general safety practices, they will be aware of your expectations. You may also consider providing opportunities for continuing training to keep content fresh and engaging to regularly remind your workers of safety practices.
  • Maintain machinery: Instruct your operators what they should be looking for to guarantee that equipment is working properly. Additionally, see that all scheduled maintenance and repairs are made in a timely manner to keep machines functioning safely.

By providing trainings, keeping machinery well-maintained, practicing vigilance and encouraging patience among your machinists, you can reduce the chances of a dangerous accident happening on your work site. For more information about preventing workplace accidents, visit our web page. 

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