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Suggestions for understanding insurance policies

For many Kentucky families, having adequate insurance coverage is critical to protecting their financial future and facilitating recovery in the wake of unforeseen disasters. However, more often than not, people do not fully understand the details of their insurance policy. Failure to take the time to become educated on the type of coverage a person has, can create considerable confusion that could end up resulting in costly consequences if an emergency occurs. 

The Breathalyzer said I was drunk. Does that mean I'm guilty?

Perhaps you drove over the posted speed limit, had a tail light out or turned without using your signal. Whatever the case may be, you caught the attention of a police officer as you drove. Once you stopped, what began as a seemingly simple traffic stop turned into an inquiry regarding whether you drove drunk.

Determining whether your assets are marital property or not

As you and your former spouse begin working through divorce proceedings, it will be necessary for you to separate assets, finances and property as fairly as possible. Often, this portion of a divorce is the most time consuming and contentious. However, if you go into proceedings with an understanding of how marital property is determined, you may feel more confident going into mediation. At Fowler Bell, we are experienced in dealing with the complications that are often present during a divorce in Kentucky. 

Dramatic fall from scaffolding, injures man at construction site

Unlike other industries, construction work can be particularly risky and dangerous because workers are required to work at heights and with heavy equipment and machinery. Inadequate safety training, loose protocols and overlooking important protective gear can pose a significant threat to any construction worker. While many companies go to great lengths to protect their workers through the use of trainings and on-the-job experience, there are times when accidents are unavoidable due to human error, distraction, carelessness and even misinformation.

What is a kickback?

You want to develop good relationships with vendors you trust so that your Kentucky business can thrive and grow. However, in fostering these bonds, it is important to be careful not to offer or accept any benefits that may appear to influence the contract or purchase illegally.

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