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How can I resolve a child custody dispute with my ex? Part 1

One area that some divorcing couples in the Lexington area often have trouble with is child custody. According to the Spruce, across the country, there are 14.3 million custodial parents. When the family structure breaks, disagreements on child custody and what is best for the kids often ensue. 

You may not want their other parent to have as much or any access to your children. Keep in mind that your kids are the ones who suffer the most. Regardless of your feelings are towards each other, you should put the kids’ interests above your own. You do not have to sacrifice your wants and needs in order to do so. Both of you should work together to create a custody arrangement that benefits everyone. Here are some suggestions on how to work out custody disagreements. 

Evaluate your life

Parents should thoroughly assess their lifestyles, work and life balances and their relationships with their kids to determine which household they would be better off living in. Sometimes one parent may feel they can to continue being the primary caregiver to their kids. But once they take into consideration how much of an impact divorce has on their lives, they may feel shocked to learn they are no longer capable of fulfilling their parental obligations in that manner. Children need lots of time, love, support and assistance. The parent that is best able to provide all of those and more on a daily basis is the better fit for custody. 

Clear the air 

There are many reasons why people split up. Not all of them are pleasant ones. Parents should learn to separate their personal feelings from their parental ones. They should work on becoming a united front for their kids’ sakes. If they cannot work things out on their own, they should consider going to counseling or seeing a mediator who can help them learn how to communicate amicably with each other. 

Develop a parenting plan 

Once parents put their ill feelings towards each other behind them, they can focus on sharing custody of their kids. Although it is common for one parent to have the children more than the other, there are many other possible arrangements, such as sharing 50-50 custody. If they can agree on custody, they should put it in writing and work out the details. They should also include details for school vacations and holidays. Other crucial details they should not overlook are transportation and extracurricular activities. 

As you work out the details of your dispute with your former spouse, consider your children’s needs and your ex-partner's parental rights. You and your kids’ other parent can make an agreement about child custody that courts will approve.

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