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When college study help lands you in jail

Have you ever stayed up all night to cram for a test in college? If you're a current Kentucky student, you may even have laughed at that statement asking, "Haven't all college students done this?" You probably have your favorite study enhancements that help you stay awake. If you're one of many students who have fallen under temptation to try Adderall or other stimulants, you may be at significant risk for serious problems.

Drug and alcohol addiction are quite prevalent on many college campuses in the nation. In fact, some say those who attend college full-time are doubly at risk for such problems than their non-student counterparts. What might motivate you to take a particular drug will not necessarily be the same for another student; however, anyone using illegal drugs to help them stay awake or for pleasure may wind up addicted or facing drug charges.

Do one or more of these situations sound familiar to you?

The following list includes several factors that may lead to drug and alcohol problems in college:

  • Friends often try to outdo each other in the gym by using performance enhancing drugs.
  • It's tough to stay awake and study for tests, especially when going to school and working full time. Many drugs induce energy and alertness.
  • It's often a matter of one or more students pressuring another to try a particular drug or drink for fun.
  • You may be one of many students who are simply curious and wanted to see what it feels like to take a certain drug or drink a particular type of alcohol.
  • Perhaps a doctor prescribed pain killers or other medication for you after you were injured playing sports or following a car accident. It's easy to become addicted to strong pain relief narcotics, but it may not be so easy to overcome the legal trouble you might face if you misuse a prescription.

The last thing you want to have to do during your first semester back to school in Kentucky is to call home and tell your parents or legal guardian that you're in jail. If you have a drug problem, it takes a lot of courage to reach out for help, but many other college students have been successful in their efforts to overcome addiction, and you might also be if you take action sooner rather than later. The key to success is often knowing ahead of time what type of support exists.

If you're facing a school year delay due to drug charges, you may be able to get life back on track by focusing on building a strong defense and discussing your problem with someone who knows how to increase your chances of overcoming such obstacles.

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