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Are you the primary caregiver to your children?

The aspects of divorce that hit a person the most can differ from case to case. For you as a parent, you may worry most about what will happen when it comes to determining custody of your children. A multitude of factors can play a role the terms of custody agreements, ranging from the ability of the parent to provide care to the children's preferences.

Even though you may feel as if you should gain more favorable custody terms, you may still feel somewhat apprehensive about whether you could gain primary custody. If you and the other parent can work together amicably, you may come to terms with which you feel comfortable outside of the courtroom. However, if conflicts arise and you both cannot agree, the court may have a greater say in determining custody arrangements.

Primary caregiver

When the court must come to a custody decision, one of the first aspects they need to determine relates to who primarily cares for the children. Though you and the other parent may both feel as if you do the majority of the work, specific details will likely go into consideration to come to a conclusion. Those details may include:

  • Who feeds infants/younger children
  • Who changes diapers
  • Who holds and comforts the children
  • Who prepares and cooks meals
  • Who shops for groceries, school supplies and household items
  • Who does laundry
  • Who dresses the children
  • Who takes care of hygiene procedures with children
  • Who participates in children's school activities
  • Who plays with the children

Numerous other aspects and tasks can also play a role in determining who acts as the primary caregiver. If you know that you carry out the majority of the actions in this list, you may gain that status and, in turn, potentially gain more favorability when it comes to custody considerations.

Of course, if possible, you may want to provide evidence of your role in these activities. The other parent could easily argue that he or she handles most of these duties, so rather than it only turning into a case of your word against his or hers, you may want to gather any relevant documentation.

Gaining assistance

Because you undoubtedly do not want to leave the custody of your children up to a significant amount of chance, you may wish to find out more information on how you can work toward the outcomes you desire. Enlisting the assistance of a Kentucky attorney could allow you to obtain an advocate who could help you prove your role as primary caregiver.

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