Workers’ Compensation Defense

At Fowler Bell PLLC, employers and insurers can count on us to provide creative, efficient strategies that promote optimal results. This starts with litigation avoidance. We advise clients from claim inception, identifying issues and defenses and providing solutions with an eye toward saving expensive litigation where possible. When litigation is necessary, we provide aggressive representation.

Our services include the following:

  • Appeals — Even the best-laid strategy sometimes does not end with a desirable result. When a judge's decision is not in our client's favor, we will evaluate the chances of a successful petition to the Workers' Compensation Board, Kentucky Court of Appeals or Kentucky Supreme Court. If it's a smart move, we will prepare a well-crafted argument to those bodies seeking relief on your behalf.
  • Litigation — While many claims settle long before the filing of a formal claim, employers will still find themselves in need of a formal response to a claim. We have handled thousands of claims before Administrative Law Judges from start to finish. We will formulate and execute a defense strategy tailored specifically to your case.
  • Medical disputes In Kentucky, workers who receive an award of benefits also receive medical treatment for that injury for as long as they are disabled by it. This can mean for life. Even after a claim has been decided, disagreements can still arise concerning future medical treatment. We are here to help you address and, if necessary, litigate those disagreements with the worker and their medical provider.
  • New claim consulting — Sometimes an injury is clearly work-related. At other times, facts and reports are in dispute. We are here to help from the beginning; we will walk you through the claims-handling process step by step, to help protect the employer's interests.
  • Settlements — Many workers' compensation claims end with a settlement. We are skilled at negotiating such settlements on behalf of employers and their insurers.
  • Subrogation — Some work injuries are caused by a third party. When this happens, in most instances there is a right of recovery against that negligent party. Particularly in Kentucky, it can be tricky to properly assert, and recover under, this right. We are well-versed in the law in this area, and will maximize your recovery where possible.

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