Resolving Disputes Through Cost-Effective Alternatives To Litigation

A courtroom can make for compelling drama on TV or in the movies. In real life, it's not always the best place to resolve a commercial conflict. Sometimes success means considering options like negotiation, arbitration and mediation – thinking outside the witness box.

At Fowler Bell PLLC, we pride ourselves on being creative problem solvers, skilled litigators, practiced mediators and savvy business law practitioners. We guide our clients to practical, efficient and satisfactory approaches to resolving disputes both in and out of the courtroom.

The Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Because alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are often more economical than litigation, such methods are a practical choice for clients who want to minimize the expense while still obtaining satisfactory results. Resolving a conflict through ADR is typically faster than taking the matter to trial. In addition, it minimizes unwanted publicity by keeping the case out of the courtroom.

Certified Mediators With A Reputation For Integrity And Understanding

Our attorneys are respected for their integrity, their understanding of complex business and legal issues and their ability to find equitable solutions for all parties. That is why they remain in demand throughout Kentucky as mediators in commercial third-party disputes, government matters and other cases.

The attorneys in this practice group are admitted into practice before the United States Supreme Court, the state courts of Kentucky and North Carolina and the Federal Courts of Appeal. These lawyers are designated as certified mediators through the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Administrative Office of the Courts.

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